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Who is the teamflashing noob?

Ever debated which one of your friends teamflashes the most? We know! Input your own and your friends Faceit usernames or links in the fields below and click "Find out!". We'll run the analysis and show who flashes the most teammates per flashbang.

Oops, we couldn't find any of those noobs on Faceit. Try another name!
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TFN Crown

Your teamflashing noob is

{{ faceitUsers[0].faceitNickname }}

{{ faceitUsers[0].friendsFlashed }} mates flashed!

Faceit nicknameMates flashed / flashbangMates flashed
{{ faceitUser.faceitNickname }}{{ faceitUser.ratio | number: 2}}{{ faceitUser.friendsFlashed }}

Some of the noobs you're looking for are missing on Faceit: {{ notFoundDiff }}

P.S. Keep in mind that this is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek tool, be nice to each other  

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